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Maria Schumacher

The world is an incredibly beautiful place and people are immensely kind and helpful. On my travels across Europe, Eurasia and Australia I experienced the most magical moments with people and in breathtaking places. My art explores those resonating moments, sharing the experiences through colours and patterns. 


To me everything has a colour: every emotion, the quality of every moment, each kind of character, even every number and letter of the alphabet. The colours are intrinsically linked to the feelings that experiences raise or the qualities a person or item has. I mainly use acrylic paint as well as spray paint  and sometimes I incorporate an object that was part of the moment within the painting. The colours come together, mix and overwrite in different movements, conveying emotions and qualities.


Resonating moments and deep connections can be found everywhere around us if we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable to the unknown. Yet the media spreads fear of other people and strange places and as we retreat to our comfort zone daily monotony creeps in unnoticed. The world becomes a grey and bland place as we lose perception of colour and taste. Such an existence is horrifying and I find myself wanting everyone to experience how wonderful this world and its people are. I paint both from treasured memories collected on my travels as well as from new experiences on long walks through the streets and alleys of Vancouver.

Aidan Walsh

Designer, welder and architect - Aidan was born in Ireland, spent some of his childhood in Canada before returning to Ireland with his family. He studied architecture in London, UK, where he honed his skills in drawing and digital image manipulation. His work starts out as pencil or ink drawing, or a photograph, which is then uploaded and altered digitally, sometimes printed, drawn again and the process is repeated.


After extensive travels he has settled in Vancouver, BC, where he continues his work, inspired by the city’s back-alleys and less-frequented spots. He designs and welds furniture and home décor using pieces of iron found on Vancouver's train tracks or anywhere else on his city meanderings.

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