The Germans have a saying that literally translates as fishscales falling off from one’s eyes. It means to suddenly shed the blinding scales that distort reality, so to speak, and to open one’s eyes to the truth. The current pandemic has brought many such eye-opening moments to many people. Individually and collectively society is undergoing a metamorphosis from one where material wealth and an amassing of resources was considered important, to one where human connection, kindness and personal freedom are valued above all. 


Everyone around the globe is affected and we are in the middle of far-reaching transformation. This time is a wonderful opportunity to direct the change and make sure that our new world becomes something beautiful, just like the chrysalis that becomes a butterfly.


Acrylics and spray paint on canvas, finished with UV protecting gloss varnish and an elegant black edge.

24" x 24" x 1.5"

Scales 2

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