Magicians use smoke and mirrors to create grand illusions. The phrase is used to describe something used to make you believe something is true, when it is not. How much of our life is smoke and mirrors. How much of what we tell ourselves we need to be happy do we truly need? And are we really happy, once we have it? Do the mansion, the four wheel drive car ensure happiness? Or is that just an illusion we tell ourselves? Could any house be a warm and welcoming home? Could a beat-up old car provide a sense of freedom to go anywhere? In fact, does not true happiness lie elsewhere? In the love, trust and support of a true friendship, in the loving warmth of a hug, in the indescribable magic of a sunset.


The paintings reflect glimpses of yourself back at you, obscured by both vivid colour and movement as well as by decay of the mirror itself. You are forced to make an effort to see the true you beyond the pretty patterns. A reminder to analyse your life closely - how much of it is smoke and mirrors, an illusion distracting you from your true happiness? Have you lost focus of what really matters to you?


Acrylic and spray paint on 8” x 8” glass, framed.

Smoke & Mirrors 5

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