It is as if the world has shrunk and everything is at your fingertips, yet somehow what we seek is out of reach.


I grew up in a time and place where you went round to your friend’s house and knocked on their door to see if they would want to come out and play. Through technology the world has sped up. Now we have all of our friends in our pocket all the time. We just have to post a message on social media and we can reach hundreds of people instantly. All meetings are agreed upon via some form of messenger and it’s almost considered creepy to show up on someone’s doorstep without prior arrangements. Yet we feel more isolated and alone.


During the current pandemic our world has become smaller again. We remain in our bubble and realise that those hundreds of social media friendships are just not the same as spending a quality afternoon making memories with a friend we truly care about. Collectively we focus on the small but important things in life on a global scale. This is an exciting time for humanity as people all around the world are questioning the acceleration and are realising the value of a single resonating moment over gathering empty resources.


The painting shares resonating moments and magical memories among the whirlwind of events and impressions that surround us. It shows the whole, a detail, then back out to the whole again. Resonating moments can be found among the chaos of the accelerating world. As we focus on their detail we see the real picture.


Acrylic on canvas, finished with UV protecting gloss varnish and an elegant black edge.

36" x 36" x 1.5"

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